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World SeriesTM Induction Motors


Terminal Boxes

World SeriesTM Motors feature main lead terminal and auxiliary boxes constructed of 12-guage steel. Each terminal box is gasketed for air-tight, dust-free and weatherproof protection of terminal leads. Available for F1 or F2 locations, terminal boxes can be modified to include any customer terminations and accessory devices.

The main lead terminal box provides termination of the motor’s main power leads. Available terminal box options include lightning arresters, surge capacitors, current transformers, special grounding devices, cable or bus bar terminations, and top or bottom lead entry. Standard main lead terminal boxes are available in five sizes, ranging from 14 by 13 by 18 inches up to 36 by 36 by 36 inches, to meet any customer requirements.

A key feature of the auxiliary box is the "box within a box" system. Designed to meet National Electric Code (NEC) specifications, the auxiliary box provides safe, protected termination for all auxiliary motor devices regardless of voltage.

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