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Metric High Efficiency

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled / IP55


HP .75HP through 100HP
Speed 3600, 1800, 1200 RPM
Voltage 230/460V (usable on 190/380V at 50Hz., 1.0 SF)
Frequency 60 Hz.


  • Premium efficiency; exceeds the federally legislated efficiency levels of EPACT 1992
  • With CE mark complying with EU Standards and Directives
  • Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise
  • Winding thermistor installed for frames D160 and larger
  • Wye-Delta start capability for 4 KW (5.5HP) and larger
  • Electrical flexibility with dual Hz, multiple volts/amps shown on nameplate
  • 230/460V at 60Hz. and 190/380V at 50Hz.
  • IP55 Protection with tapped shaft end
  • F-2 mounting
  • Oversized bearings


Metric Premium Efficiency TEFC IP55 Motor
Metric High Efficiency
TEFC/IP55 Motor

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