This three and one-half day seminar is for specialists and non-specialists who specify, contract, and accept motor or generator repairs and rewinds. It is a unique course focusing on the art and science of medium voltage motor windings. Just about all facts of motor stator windings are offered during the three and one-half days of presentations and discussions.  The presenters, Elton Floyd and Chase Fell, form a great team as they have worked together on this course for several years and have explored most of the topics from several angles in order to make the subject matter as clear as possible to the attendees.


The fee for the Rewind Seminar is $1,995.00 and includes hard copy manuals, breakfast on each day of the seminar, and lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To register, return the completed registration form with payment to: Elton Floyd – Jarsco, P.O. Box 683, Lone Oak, TX 75453 US. Credit cards are preferred. Checks should be made payable to JARSCO Engineering Corp.


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