About Us

About Us

TECO-Westinghouse is a world leader in manufacturing electric motors and generators, with a broad selection ranging from ¼ hp to 100,000 hp.

We are also a leader in supplying motor controls, and providing engineering services, genuine Westinghouse renewal parts and large motor repairs.

Our company’s products are used to drive pumps, fans, compressors, rolling mills, grinders, crushers, and a variety of other rugged applications.

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, TECO-Westinghouse serves the petrochemical, electric utility, pulp and paper, water/ wastewater treatment, air conditioning, marine, mining and metals industries.

Our Mission

TECO-Westinghouse exists to provide competitive, market-leading products and services to our customers, while maximizing return on investment for our shareholders.

We do so, bound by a commitment to provide a safe and equitable workplace for our employees, to always conduct business ethically, in compliance with applicable governmental regulations, and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We understand that our products and services keep critical industrial and commercial processes operating profitably the world over. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We value our employees, customers, suppliers, and community, and always strive to be a model corporate citizen and neighbor.


Our offering includes design, manufacture, service, and repair of medium and high voltage rotating electrical equipment, including induction, direct current, and synchronous motors and generators, from fractional HP through 100,000 HP, design, manufacture, and service of medium and high voltage variable frequency drives, and manufacture of wind turbines.

We offer analysis, redesign, manufacture and remanufacture, service, and repair of parts and accessories for these same products. We extensively stock and customize low voltage motors, starters, controls, and drives, as well as a wide variety of gearing products, and offer system solutions which incorporate these products.


With the recent TECO acquisition of Motovario S.p.A, TECO-Westinghouse is excited to extend its product offering from motors and drives to power transmission systems. Founded in 1965, Italy-based Motovario produces mainly gear reducers and other power transmission products.