Motors and drives for all applications in steel, aluminum, brass and other metals industries

Metals Industry

TECO-Westinghouse has been supplying motors and controls to the metals industry since the late 1800’s. Our large rolling mill motors, auxiliary motors, table roll motors, fan and pump motors are in operation in many Hot Mills, Cold Mills, Structural Mills and Rod Mills among others around the world. In continuing this legacy, our heavy-duty motors and controls can be custom tailored to meet any application in the metals industry.

We offer heavy duty, efficient state of the art DC motors, induction motors and synchronous motors for metals processing for either new applications or as direct drop in replacements and upgrades for existing facilities. Take advantage of our vast experience and expertise for your motor needs.

Metals Capabilities

  • Rolling Mill Motors:

    • DC – up to 35,000 hp, 10 to 2200 rpm, 600 to 1000 V
    • Synchronous – 500hp to 100,000 hp, 30rpm to 1800 rpm, 690v to 13,800v, adjustable speed and constant speed
    • Induction – 250hp to 30,000 hp, 200rpm to 3600 rpm, 690v to 13,800v, adjustable speed
  • Table Roll Motors and drives

  • Auxiliary Motors – AC Induction motor drop in replacements for AIST 600 and 800 DC mill motors

  • Fan and Pump Motors

  • Spare parts – We can provide spare parts  for any  motor manufactured by Westinghouse

  • Drop in replacement motors – Replacement and uprated motors for any manufacturer

  • Universal spare motors – Spare motors that can replace a number of different ratings and frame sizes

  • Consultation – For motor problems and or guidance on how to obtain more production from an existing mill

  • Large Motor Services – Field services, consulting services, training

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