Motor Repair

A Total Repair Package

We specialize in large motor repairs. Our repair experts can rush to your site and assist you with on-the-spot inspection, troubleshooting and minor repairs. Upon receipt at our 500,000 sq. foot facility, our experienced repair team will immediately swing into action. If needed, we can work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the job is done. Our service team will first provide a thorough inspection and analysis of the equipment. After getting to the root of the problem, we can then perform a complete array of repairs. Before shipment, the motor will be thoroughly tested in our extensive test facility. We can also arrange for on-site assistance so you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

We Specialize in Large Motor Repairs

Our specialists can repair large motors from any manufacturer. Of course, as the Service Division of TECO-Westinghouse, we specialize in Westinghouse large motor repairs.

Only TECO-Westinghouse has this kind of large motor repair capability:

  • Massive cranes and air pallet capacity for the largest machinery lifts.
  • Only TECO-Westinghouse impregnates your windings with our exclusive, proven Thermalastic® Epoxy Insulation system.
  • Lathes, horizontal boring mills and vertical boring mills that is are capable of machining the largest frames and brackets.

Whether you need repair assistance, engineering analysis, or renewal parts for your motor, TECO-Westinghouse is the most qualified large motor service organization in the world.

Contact us for more information: 1-888-754-5006.