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TEAMMaster™ – Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage Soft Starter

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150 hp - 20,000 hp


Today’s global economy is in many ways driven by the AC Induction Motor. Industrial facilities worldwide depend on these motors to drive the machinery that enhances their efficiency and increases their production output. However, many industrial operations unknowingly subject their machinery to severe stress during motor start-up. When motor operation is activated, high inrush currents flow into the motor’s windings, producing very high levels of torque. This torque at the motor’s shaft can result in a substantial shock to the driven equipment. The result may be belts slipping or breaking, couplings disengaging, and gears or other components failing completely. Therefore, it is often a cost-effective decision to protect your machinery investment with a TEAMMaster™ medium voltage soft starter. Available only from TECO-Westinghouse, the TEAMMaster™ protects your machinery by controlling motor torque. The TEAMMaster™ also reduces current demand and creates a more stable line voltage, which benefits facilities that have weak electrical systems. TEAMMaster™ medium voltage soft starters provide several advantages including:
  • Protection of machinery from failure and excessive maintenance caused by mechanical shock during starting or stopping. The TEAMMaster™ provides smooth, stepless acceleration and controlled deceleration.
  • Control of the current ramp during start-up. The TEAMMaster™ protects electrical systems from disruptive voltage drops and power outages caused by motor locked rotor inrush current.
  • Complete line monitoring, motor control and protection. These functions protect mission-critical motors from failure or unscheduled outages caused by machine or electrical system faults.
  • Programming capabilities. The TEAMMaster™ includes control and power electronics, as well as bypass and isolation contactors that reduce maintenance and operating costs.
  • UL/cUL listed

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